New Website for Bacon’s BBQ

Wow, what a great year it has been already! We wrapped up participation in a Barbeque event just last fall and were told that we would be featured on the Travel Channel this year., 2014. We are so excited and are we so prepared! If you saw us on the show on the Travel Channel then you already know what we can do. If you’ve been to one of our food trucks or experienced our catering, then you’ve TASTED what we can do!

Want to bring some of that Bacon’s BBQ flavor home? Check out our Shop!

Getting ramped up this spring hasn’t been easy. It’s been a ton of work. Fortunately, we’ve had a lot of help from some local companies in Fredericksburg, Virginia. For starters, the guys at Websites For Anything built us this amazing website! It has such a great, unique design. I like that we can sell our barbeque sauces & barbeque utensils straight from the website. But what I love most is that we have a page with addresses and maps to all of our locations for great barbeque!. These guys put that in for us, and they showed me how easy it is to update myself, so it will alwasy be up-to-date. Check out Where We’re At and come get your grub on!

So we got hooked up with Websites For Anything because they are part of the For Anything network. That way, we got all our promotional stuff in one place. That made it really easy on me, and plus means everything goes together perfectly. Wait till you see the banner they made for us at Signs For Anything… it’s huge! It goes on the side of our food trucks and shows a great picture menu of everything you can order at the window. This is gonna make it alot easier for you to “see” what you are getting – but it probably won’t make it any easier to choose!

Thanks for checking out our new website. Be sure to catch us this Year on the Travel Channel and to catch our truck for some great barbeque!

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